asociación mexicana de labio paladar hen
27-29 / October / 2021


The Asociación Mexicana de Labio Paladar  Hendido AC is a non-profit association that groups together those who provide comprehensive treatment: Surgical, Phono-articular, dental and nutritional to children, adolescents and adults in our country with a diagnosis of cleft lip and palate.


The Association also seeks public and private organizations to support the cause by increasing treatment options in them. The association also promotes education, dissemination and conferences in order to improve treatments.


Our goal is to improve the quality of care of the health professional who attends patients with a diagnosis of

Cleft lip and palate

asociación mexicana de labio paladar hen


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Fiscal address: Calle 57 # 17 | Col. Puebla | CP 15020 | CdMx Tel: 01.55.5932-0779, 044.55.45058514